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Duty 1:

Find a job, then immigrate to Canada

Duty 2:

Investigate Immigration Practitioners, to Make Sure They are Authorized, and May Be Complained or Reported

Employers may post vacancies FOR FREE.

Job Seekers may CONTACT US to secure a job for a FEE. 

If you have had a Mutural Benefitial Contract with us,

Or if you simply are an employer in Atlantic provinces

 Post a job vacancy for free/공석을 무료로 올리다/免费发布职位需求

If you are a job seeker overseas, you may look at the following procedure.

1. Searching the posted jobs

Take a look at the posted job in order to find one that might be a fit. 

2. Contact us through webforms

Submit a webform, leave your contact information, we will reach to you.

3.We will do the rest for you 

You may have a contract with us, we will do all the rest jobs for you.

Help you investigate, secure payment, complain, or report.

We may help you investigate the qualification of a consultant, secure your payment, file a complaint, or report a fraud/컨설턴트 자격 확인, 지불 보장, 불만 제기 또는 사기 신고를 도와 드릴 수 있습니다/我们可以帮助您调查移民顾问的合法性,让付款更安全,投诉顾问,或者举报移民欺诈

We've got collaboration in the above practice from a Chinese-based immigration company. We are very grateful for their help in conducting this business in China, where a registration of website is required. 我们感谢中国的一家移民公司在网络注册方面的帮助,使得该网站可以在中国大陆正常浏览。